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Liz Cross, Chair

"We need solution-finders, negotiators, people with fantastic people-skills, a keen eye for detail and spotting opportunities to innovate and collaborate".

Liz Cross, Chair

A message from our Chair, Liz Cross

Thank you for your interest in joining our organisation and I’d like to express my warm wishes to you as a potential new colleague at Salford Primary Care Together.

We know for Salford Primary Care Together to succeed in its ambitions to improve primary care in Salford, we need the people who work for us to be happy and motivated in their work and have the opportunity to use their skills to the best of their ability. At Salford Primary Care Together, we are focused on having the kind of culture to enable people to do just that.

So what kind of people do we welcome with open arms at Salford Primary Care Together?

Well, I think our current workforce is made up of lots of incredibly warm, kind, hard-working people, willing to challenge traditional thinking for all the right reasons, who come in to work to do a good job and make things better for our patients and the people we work with - so basically people who are in this job for the right reason. If these sound like your kind of people too, you should keep reading.

The organisation has been on a real journey since it was established in 2016 and we are proud to have a good mix of people who have been along for the whole ride and those newer faces who have joined the organisation in more recent years, months or even weeks! We value everyone’s contribution and views because what we do at Salford Primary Care Together, requires a real team effort.

We are running services under high demand, we are changing the way that things have previously been done, we are balancing the books, we are working hard to build relationships, we are making difficult decisions….there’s no shying away from the hard things our organisation has to do. So we need solution finders, negotiators, people with fantastic people skills, a keen eye for detail and spotting opportunities to innovate and collaborate.

I should mention resilience. Working within primary care is never an easy ride and we are in the midst of quite a sea-change at the moment with the advent of Primary Care Networks. It’s challenging times, yet exciting, as we view things through a new lens and embrace a different way of working with our GP colleagues.  We are really positive about the future of primary care in Salford.

Hopefully, the above gives you a good sense of what I feel about what it’s like to be part of Salford Primary Care Together – it’s a great organisation to work for and a place you can come to work knowing you’re making a real difference to the every day lives of so many people – but also the bigger picture in Salford of creating better, more integrated health and social care.

If you do decide that Salford Primary Care Together is somewhere your future career could take you, then I wish you every success with your application and hope that our paths cross in the future.

With warm regards

Liz Cross

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