Executive Recruitment


We look for people who:

  • Are impact driven, working to change people’s lives; 
  • Are able to develop and define a vision and able to be flexible to adapt; 
  • Are strong partnership-builders; 
  • Are curious and able to challenge assumptions about how organisations work and services are delivered; 
  • Are suited to a dynamic environment where agile decision-making can take place; 
  • Enjoy working collaboratively and valuing the skills and contributions of others; 
  • Enjoy working in an organisation which offers breadth; 
  • Are comfortable with change and able to test ideas and revise if required.

On the whole, SPCT doesn’t tend to suit people who:

  • Aren’t excited by what we do and what we might do to help lead a changing health and social care context; 
  • Are uncomfortable operating an embryonic environment; 
  • Don’t like rolling up their sleeves or pitching in when it is needed, whatever their role; 
  • Like operating in a team with little interaction from other colleagues; 
  • Aren’t keen to integrate plans and look positively for the interdependencies within the organisation and the wider system; 
  • Don’t enjoy getting their point across and having others challenge it; 
  • Are reluctant to take personal responsibility to solve problems; 
  • Are not at a stage where they wish to stretch, grow and learn from others.